July 01, 2019

Explore two of the best things BC has to offer: great food and drink all rolled into one during Haskap Beer Month. Craft breweries around the province are partnering with local Haskap growers to brew their own haskap beer - from lagers, to ales to sours. 

January 01, 2020

The Haskap Berry Growers Association of Ontario was moments from holding its first annual general meeting, where it would elect its first board of directors and begin galvanizing its vision of education, support and the development of a strong domestic market for their product.

It’s an origin story. And it’s one consumers should know about. This is how new products enter the market and how new economies and markets are created.


Haskap Berry an opportunity for the Burns Lake area

January 29, 2018


BCHA member, and Burns Lake resident Doug Price, featured in this article in BC Local News. To read this article click on the picture to the side. 

BC Local News

BCHA on CKNW Radio

January 23, 2018


BCHA and the Haskap featured on Linda Steele's CKNW Radio show from Jan 23 2018. Click on the picture to watch the show segment. 

Global Morning Show - foods of the Future

January 21, 2018


BCHA on the Global News Morning show. Click on the picture to watch the clip that featured the Haskap as a "Food of the Future". 


One of the many amazing health benefits of eating haskaps is the antioxidant dense nutrition that they provide.


 Prevent age-related cataracts even?  Find out more on these links.




Establishing a new Haskap orchard is an exciting enterprise. Haskap is one of the easiest most rewarding berry to grow but there are a few basic considerations.

As with any orchard planning, the primary considerations are location (sun), soil, and water.  With Haskap specifically, we recommend a weed mulch fabric and eventually a bird netting system. Although most pests don't bother with this bush - birds go wild for the berries. Each year we know it's time to put up the nets when we see the first purple stained dropping on our deck! Nature knows when the berries are ripe but we prefer a more precise measurement using a brix meter. Follow these links to more information:

Growing Haskap in Canada

Haskap Canada 

What is the Haskap

Click the magazine image to read an article published in 2015 by Modern Agriculture, describing why Axel and Doris chose the Haskap berry.

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