"Enjoy a summer seasonal with Haskap"
Mac Tír (Son of the Earth)

A Haskap Ale. Our haskap berries were born of the earth at Wolf Springs Farm and brought through our hop yards (Humulus Lupulus, the wolf plant) to the brewery.  Added to a lightly-hopped pale malt base after fermentation, the haskaps bring their full layers of complexity to the beer. Tart, sweet and a touch of spicy, this beer is the freshest ferment possible.

Belgian Blonde Haskap

Fermented with six strains of Brettanomyces; aged in rye whiskey barrels eight months; and conditioned on haskap berries for two months. Funky, tart, tannic.

Combining fruity aromatic ester and light spiciness from Belgian yeast with tart tangy haskap character to make a fruit forward, aromatic yet easy-drinking Belgian beer.

Barrel-Aged Haskap Brett
Canadian Belgian Haskap

A light summer seasonal blended with local haskap for a taste of mountain adventure.

July 19 Release

October Release

July 10 Release

July 12 Release

Barrel-aged Haskap Blackcurrent

Blend of barrel aged beers with haskap berries and spent blackcurrants

July Release

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Haskap Wit Beer

Representing the home-brewer who strives for invention and quality in their beer. This summer seasonal will be somewhat hazy with clove and banana notes that blend with the  tartness of the haskaps.


July 20 Release

Soon to be named...

Discover haskap in your summer seasonal.

July Release

Soon to be named...

Local haskap ready middle of July
for craft brewery in Northern BC.

Haskap Gose of Hokkaido

If you are travelling to Japan this summer, stop in to taste our Haskap seasonal beer. Japanese people have been enjoying this highly valued berry for centuries. The haskap we sourced from our partner farm, Karahana, is a wild Hokkaido-indigenous variety which gives a unique flavour to our craft beer. 

Haskap Featured Beers

Small Batch Fridays in July, will include a feature Haskap beer along with our mouth-watering Haskap burgers.

July Release

July 27 Release

July Release

Soon to be announced

Haskap summer seasonal in the making...

July Release