Whether you want to grow these amazing berries in an orchard or your backyard, big or small, you have chosen the right berry. Haskap berries are delicious and have a depth of flavour that some say resembles a blend of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. They are extremely healthy with an antioxidant level 3 times higher than blueberries! They are easy to grow and prefer the northern climates of Canada.


Haskap berries can be eaten right off the bush or processed into jam, wine, juice, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Working In conjunction with tissue culture propagators, smaller boutique orchards and larger Canada Gap certified growers, we can offer your organization a bright future in Haskap. The BC Haskap Association will make this berry an enormous success. We want you to be part of our team - join the excitement today with a membership to BC Haskap Association!


Board of Directors for the BC Haskap Association

Wayne Kuypers

Wayne brings many years of business and agricultural experience to the BCHA board. His leadership in our association will help excel Haskap as a nationally endorsed health food. Continuing this work in collaboration with Haskap Canada and Canadian scientists already excited about it's potential as a superfood.

Sheela Antoniak
Darren Shankel
Vice President

Sheela Antoniak is the owner and developer of Meadow Creek Haskap - two new orchards located just south of Kamloops B.C. With 2020 set as her first netted production, she is excited to be apart of the promotion of Haskap. Though more comfortable on a mower or in a skid steer, she has now volunteered to be the secretary for the BCHA. With an impressive group of people, Sheela hopes to aid in the further development of the Haskap industry and foster the pride in our members.

Darren was voted BCHA Vice President in 2018. Serving also as a K-12 Principal in Northern BC. His search for hands on learning opportunities that would allow students to explore curriculum led him to Haskap. Currently, he is enjoying a small backyard orchard, and he has established a research orchard at his school where students get to collaborate with the University of Saskatchewan and learn a skill set unique to students in BC. His passion for Haskap is just beginning.

Sean Denison
Carma Clarke
Past President

Sean owns a commercial Haskap orchard near Enderby with 17,000 plants that focuses on using and building upon natural, regenerative agriculture practices. He graduated with a degree in Physics from Santa Clara University, was a professional basketball player, and has a Permaculture Design Certificate.

He is passionate about Haskap and is excited to help grow the Haskap market in BC, as well as promoting the economic viability of regenerative agriculture in large scale commercial farming. 

Carma has been involved with the BC Haskap Association, along with her husband Kevin, since it's inception and is pleased to see it's membership growing.  Growing haskap at Wolf Springs Farm we are really excited about this highly treasured super berry!

Ryan Kuypers
Margarita Valou

Ryan is a grower in the Fraser Valley interested in developing a market for Haskap berries. He's excited about the health and science behind these special berries and wants to see people partake in the many benefits. There's huge potential for Haskap, from fresh berries to value added products for people to enjoy. As a BCHA board member Ryan wants to see further promotion of Haskap to the public and future growers. Great health starts with the food we consume.